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‘Lookout Call’ Supports CPSL MIND

‘Lookout Call’ Supports CPSL MIND

Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and South Lincolnshire MIND [CPSL MIND] were delighted to receive a donation of £500 from C3 [Lookout Call]. The cheque was presented to Zoe Doherty by Brian Caddy, who said “We are very pleased to support CPSL MIND at a time when mental health awareness is so important and specialist charities like MIND […]

Is the Number of Assaults Against Housin...

In a survey by ‘Inside Housing’ online magazine last year, they asked housing associations across Britain how many physical and verbal attacks on their staff had been recorded in 2016. They also sent an anonymous survey to their frontline housing workers to ask more thorough questions on the type of attacks they’ve experienced and whether […]

A Safer Approach to Lone Working

A Safer Approach to Lone Working

There are definite risks for people who are working alone, particularly if they’re in public facing roles and especially when home visiting is required. There can be concerns about the lone worker being vulnerable to crime when out and about or that they may face aggression from the people they are dealing with. “Social Worker […]

Now you can afford to protect your lone ...

Now you can afford to protect your lone workers

Now you can afford to protect your lone  workers ‘Lookout Call’ enables organisations of all sizes to monitor the safety of lone workers in a discreet way at an affordable cost. Nationally, since 2000 the system has deployed over 18,000 lone workers in a wide variety of sectors including NHS, Councils, Facility Management and Not […]


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