Protecting your Lone Workers

Lookout Call is a lone worker alarm used by more than 18,000 lone workers throughout the UK.

This simple but effective mobile-based system ensures that every lone worker, late worker or home worker is always accounted for. Lookout Call alerts colleagues (or a third party alarm receiving centre) immediately if a lone working employee is overdue from an appointment or requires emergency assistance, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind in your lone worker security.

Licenses start from as little as £2 per user per month, depending on the number of lone workers you have. And there is absolutely no set up fee.

How does Lookout Call work?

Why choose Lookout Call?

Our customers say that they choose Lookout Call as their lone worker alarm safety system because:

  • Lookout Call is cost-effective and flexible
  • It is quick and easy to get started
  • The lone working service completely automates the check-in process meaning that no lone worker can ever be missed
  • Supervisors like Lookout Call’s browser-based portal, which supports full management and reporting functionality
  • Lookout Call ensures businesses fulfil their mandatory Duty of Care towards lone workers
  • The system can also be used to fulfil requirements for the BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard (Clause 4.3.1).

Lookout Call is used by a wide range of organisations to enhance the safety of their lone workers, including universities, local authorities, NHS Trusts, housing associations, utilities companies and security firms. In 2012 we scored 92% on an independent QMS Customer Survey and received a Diamond Certificate for outstanding service, for the third year running.

Lookout Call can provide a complete end-to-end lone worker safety service. We work with Positive Response, a highly recommended third party alarm receiving centre, to provide a fully wrapped service for clients.

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Safety Features

Packed with functionality to enhance your security and reduce personal risk

Watch MeWatch Me allows the lone worker to request the system calls them back shortly after an appointment has begun. This feature is frequently used in any situation when the lone worker feels apprehensive about entering a property, perhaps for the first time. The call gives the lone worker a reason to end the appointment immediately if they feel uncomfortable. Naturally, if the Watch Me call is unanswered by the lone worker protection alarm is raised and ‘Responders’ are alerted immediately.

Call recordingIn an emergency, the system makes a call recording of the incident. Live recordings may be used by Responders to assess the situation and can also be used as evidence in court.
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The system has saved us money in terms of time and resources, and the service we have received from the support team has been fantastic.
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iPhone App now available

Our new Lookout Call iPhone app is free to existing users of Lookout Call - it makes using the service even easier. New users can enhance their personal safety with prices from only 5p per day! Want to know how to protect yourself or your lone workers? Click Here