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‘Lookout Call’ enables organisations of all sizes to monitor the safety of lone workers in a discreet way at an affordable cost.

Nationally, since 2000 the system has deployed over 18,000 lone workers in a wide variety of sectors including NHS, Councils, Facility Management and Not for Profit organisations.

Companies choose Lookout Call because its:

  • Affordable
  • Quickly deployed
  • Mobile phone based – removing the need for expensive additional devices
  • Staff always remember to take their mobile phones with them so it’s not left in a draw in the office
  • Saves time and is more reliable than a buddy system
  • Lookout Call has over 15 years’ experience in the Lone Worker Safety sector
*£1.00 price based on length of contract and minimum number of users.

Lone Worker Protection from the Experts

Lookout Call is a mobile-based personal safety system that offers premium 24/7 protection. It is used by everyone from students to estate agents and is already used by tens of thousands of remote workers across the UK including those working in health, charity and security sectors. The application is cost effective and convenient as there is no need to purchase any expensive dedicated alarms or devices. Lookout Call is also compatible with and can be run on any Apple device.

Currently, the lone worker safety system is used by more than 18,000 remote workers throughout the UK and has provided protection to individuals from a wide range of organisations from charities to housing associations.

This simple but effective system allows staff to automatically ‘check-in’ using the keypad or the intelligent voice recognition interface and ensures that every lone worker, late worker or home worker is always accounted for. If a worker finds themselves in an emergency situation they can also raise any emergency or panic alarms manually.

Lookout Call alerts designated responders or an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) immediately whenever an alarm is raised and if a lone working employee is overdue from an appointment or requires emergency assistance, ensuring all staff are protected and mitigating employer liability.

An added benefit of Lookout Call, if any of your worker’s devices are turned off, damaged or out of network coverage the app is still able to trigger an emergency alarm. Licenses start from as little as £2 per user per month depending on the number of lone workers you have, with No setup fees and No hidden charges!

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