It is estimated that around 20% of the working population are lone workers and they can be found in every sector.

All employers owe staff a ‘duty of care’ and need to assess the risks to people whose job often involves working alone for long periods.

‘Buddy’ systems are generally unreliable because it is easy for colleagues to forget to contact each other at the agreed time.

However, using the latest technology organisations can discreetly monitor the safety of their most vulnerable staff and be alerted automatically whenever a lone worker is overdue or requests assistance.

By not adequately protecting staff an organisation can affect its finances, reputation and ability to attract the best staff.

Reputational damage can adversely affect staff morale, increase stress, and tarnish your organisations image.

Since February 2016 new guidelines relating to health & safety breaches have applied which allow for significant increases to fines.

Sentencing Council guidelines state “A fine must be sufficiently substantial to have real economic impact which will bring home to management and shareholders the need to comply”.

The starting point for fines is now £100k [small organisations] for a serious offence under the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 and culpability may be increased significantly if the employer has cut costs at the expense of safety.

Legislation affecting employers with lone workers also includes:

  • Management of Health & Safety At Work Regulations 1999
  • Corporate Manslaughter & Corporate Homicide Act 2007
  • Health & Safety Offences Act 2008

Lookout Call provides organisations with an easily affordable and simple-to-use solution which clearly demonstrates that their ‘duty of care’ responsibility is a high priority.

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