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OTIS was founded over 160 years ago and its lift equipment is to be found inside some of the world’s most well known buildings, including the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower. I asked one of their engineers for feedback about Lookout Call and was pleased to hear the following assessment – “The only […]


ARQIVA is a leading UK communications infrastructure provider, whose 1,300 customers include ITV/BBC/C4/SKY and all four of the UK’s mobile network providers. Arqiva are the crucial ‘behind the scenes’  people who for 80 years have made connections happen. ARQIVA chose ‘Lookout Call’ to support over 300 of its lone workers in 2013 and recently I […]

What is the case for Lone Worker Safety ...

What is the case for Lone Worker Safety Systems

Here at Lookout Call, we are regularly contacted by people who employ lone workers and have identified the risks they face carrying out their jobs. However, they are concerned that colleagues will be against an automated lone worker safety system as an option for mitigating the risk. A common argument is: “We’ve never had a […]


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