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    "Brian, thank you for your attention here, it’s reassuring and really very much appreciated. Excellent service."
    "During the time we (Remedi) have been using Lookout Call we have found it efficient, effective and very user friendly. Staff at Lookout have always been prompt at dealing with any queries we may have had, it’s a great service"
    "The overall costs of using a system like this are minimal compared to the potential business costs of doing nothing..."
    "Lookout Call is very unobtrusive, which is really important for us, as our success depends on us building relationships and trust with our clients."
    The recent introduction of Lookout Call’s Voice Recognition functionality has proven popular with Pembroke staff who praised its simplicity and speed.
    “We needed an automated solution that would enhance the safety of our staff and give us the means to track their location in the event of an emergency, Lookout Call was a cost-effective and flexible solution that met all our requirements. Since implementing Lookout Call we have been externally audited on our approach to lone worker safety and received praise for our use of the system.”
    “The safety and well being of our staff is important to Mencap and we were really pleased that Lookout Call was able to provide an affordable option,”
    “We take the issue of lone worker protection very seriously and under this scheme we are able to utilise the technology available for the benefit of our staff.”
    “This new system provides an extra level of lone worker protection and reassurance for our field staff. And it has been achieved at minimal cost and, with no extra infrastructure back at base.”
    "Lookout Call is excellent value for money and I was ready to place an order as soon as I had seen a demonstration."
    "In order to provide management with a quick and automated night response system and provide night lone workers a safety net in case of emergency we implemented the lookout ‘Lone Worker Call System’ which we have used since 2015."