Lookout Call’s parent company C3 [ https://www.c3.co.uk ] has over 30 years’ experience in designing bespoke call and multimedia platforms and can easily adapt the features of Lookout Call to suit each customer’s requirements.

The Lookout Call system was created at the request of a Utility company in 1999, following an incident involving a mobile sub-contractor.

The worker was rendered unconscious from a fall in a remote location and the employer was   unaware of the situation for several hours. Fortunately, the lone worker was eventually located, but to avoid litigation and reputational damage the employer settled the matter out of court.

This incident highlighted the weakness of ‘Buddy’ systems and the need for a reliable system which can automatically raise alarms on behalf of overdue lone workers or be used to request emergency assistance.

Lookout Call was developed in consultation with the NHS and is now used by thousands of workers in a wide range of sectors, including Charities, Security, FM and Engineering.