C3 has been involved with lone worker safety for over 20 years and has supplied the phone based ‘Lookout Call’ system to a wide range of UK organisations located from Inverness to Cornwall.

Lone workers are often attracted by the freedom the role provides and they may be reluctant to use any system which can be potentially used by employers in a big brother way. The more  experienced the worker, the more resistant to safety monitoring they tend to be. 

‘Lookout Call’ excludes GPS/Mandown features due to staff concerns surrounding employer intrusion [GPS] and the frequent false alarms caused by Mandown.

Purpose-built devices are considered excessive baggage and apps drain a smartphones battery life. 

So, what can you do? The answer is to keep it very simple. 

Whichever system is deployed, low usage is likely to be a problem, but ‘Lookout Call’ encourages usage by concentrating on 3 essential features –

  1. An emergency Alarm
  2. A timed countdown Alarm
  3. A check call Alarm         

Since 2001 no lone worker has ever been overlooked when using ‘Lookout Call’. All of our customers have ensured ‘duty of care’ and avoided civil action or reputational damage. 

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