Here at Lookout Call, we are regularly contacted by people who employ lone workers and have identified the risks they face carrying out their jobs. However, they are concerned that colleagues will be against an automated lone worker safety system as an option for mitigating the risk.

A common argument is: “We’ve never had a serious lone worker incident so my company is reluctant to invest in a lone worker safety system that we have no obvious need for.”

This is an understandable – if misguided – position, from a short-term cost perspective. But businesses who employ lone workers should consider themselves fortunate to have avoided any serious incidents so far, not dismiss the possibility that something may happen in the future. The Corporate Manslaughter Act makes it easy to prosecute an employer if the death of an employee could have been prevented by “proper and sensible procedures”. Prosecution under the Act is bad enough but the litigation costs, along with the bad publicity, can also be incredibly damaging particularly to small businesses.

So, a proactive and preventative approach is a lot more sensible…

A lone worker safety system is an effective and proactive way of protecting your lone working staff whilst also demonstrating your company’s commitment to lone worker safety. Unlike a ‘check in/ out system’ or ‘Buddy’ system, using an automated lone worker system, such as Lookout Call, means that a lone worker can never be forgotten or overlooked.

Lookout Call also actively empowers lone workers. For example, they can trigger a Panic Alarm at any point, alerting colleagues immediately that they are in distress; or set a regular ‘Watch Me’ call back where the system checks in with them every five minutes to check that they are okay.

Many of our clients have spoken of the wider benefits of using a lone worker safety system: lone working staff feel that management is taking their safety more seriously and feel more confident when out on visits; office staff can concentrate on their work without breaking off to check in with remote working colleagues; and management have much more confidence in their lone working procedures.

Companies need to really consider the benefits of pro-actively managing their lone working risks .Using an appropriate and dependable lone worker safety system, such as Lookout Call, needn’t cost the earth. But really, peace of mind is priceless…

Lookout Call is happy to offer all new customers a free no-obligation trial of our mobile-based lone worker safety system.