Duty of care for remote workers

As part of a broader attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus, many companies across the globe are sending their employees home to work. This situation is clearly changing working patterns as companies are trying to embrace remote working.  This transformation creates a new set of challenges for organisations, including supporting and staying connected with their newly remote workforce, whilst keeping in line with their ‘duty of care’ responsibilities.

Employers ‘duty of care’ responsibilities applies to all staff working by themselves at work, at home and in this emergency situation. It’s overwhelmingly likely that Health & Safety managers will not have had the time to conduct home risk assessments.

Establishing a check-in procedure is an effective way to confirm the safety of employees who are working alone from home. Setting predetermined check-in times for your staff will allow them to confirm their safety throughout their shift.

Lookout Call is a very simple to use lone worker solution which is 100% reliable.  Remote workers simply phone the system, leave a message and set a timer to cover the duration of their required task. If the countdown expires, the system automatically calls the lone worker to check they are safe. If unable to contact the lone worker, the system then alerts pre-nominated colleagues to informing them of the situation.

Lookout Call was developed in consultation with the NHS and is now used to protect over 18,000 lone workers following the introduction of the service in 2003.

It’s parent company C3 [ https://www.c3.co.uk ] has over 30 years’ experience in designing bespoke call and multimedia platforms and can easily adapt the features of Lookout Call to suit each customer’s requirements.