Is it surprising that organisations still hesitate to use technology to protect their most vulnerable staff at a time when violence is on the increase (2019 Crime Survey for England & Wales) and the courts have increasingly greater powers to impose heavy fines and cause reputational damage for proven employer negligence? It may not that surprising if you consider the assumptions made by some employers –

1. RISKS – Many organisations fail to consider the full range of risks associated with lone working. If workers are considered to be at ‘low risk’ because they have never been involved in an incident, this shouldn’t be an excuse to deny them technology which raises an automated alarm whenever they are overdue from a task. Some employers even dispense entirely with the ‘lone worker’ staff category. What cannot be easily predicted is the potential for a lone worker to have an accident or become unwell, or for an assault to occur whilst working alone. The aggressor is often someone who couldn’t have been factored into a risk assessment. All lone workers are at some risk and require a reliable safety system to improve their communications. ‘Lookout Call is priced very attractively, enabling employers to include everyone who may occasionally work alone, rather than purely focusing upon workers rated ‘high risk’. 2. CONSEQUENCES – Heavy fines are now likely for any negligent employer. This isn’t confined to fatalities, it also applies to minor injuries. By providing staff with a safety system, an employer is in a strong position to demonstrate they have put more effective measures in place.

3. TRACKING – Many lone workers dislike GPS tracking as it feels ‘big brother’. Another issue with GPS is that it doesn’t work well in a built-up area [e.g. within blocks of flats] and it doesn’t necessarily show the actual location of the worker, but instead the location of their device, which may be different. ‘Lookout Call’ is popular with staff because it doesn’t use intrusive GPS.

4. UPTAKE – Employers may feel reluctant about introducing something which may be time consuming to implement. ‘Lookout Call’ is the simplest system imaginable to launch, using the workers mobile or desk phone there is no techno-fear or a steep learning curve.

5. COSTS – ‘Lookout Call’ is cheaper than most solutions because there is no need to buy an expensive device and the licence fees are low. There are absolutely no hidden set up costs or hidden ongoing charges.

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