ARQIVA is a leading UK communications infrastructure provider, whose 1,300 customers include ITV/BBC/C4/SKY and all four of the UK’s mobile network providers. Arqiva are the crucial ‘behind the scenes’  people who for 80 years have made connections happen.

ARQIVA chose ‘Lookout Call’ to support over 300 of its lone workers in 2013 and recently I asked two of their most regular users for some end-user feedback.                                                 

Lone Worker A  said “Lookout Call is the best lone worker system I have ever used. It is reliable and non-intrusive. I’d give it 8/10. We have piloted a GPS app, but I didn’t like it and gave negative feedback”.

Lone Worker B  said he finds Lookout Call “pretty easy to use” and his only concern was occasional issues with background noise. He likes the way the system carefully double  checks the lone worker message before hanging up.   

Lone Worker B was unenthusiastic about GPS and advised “Even outdoor lone workers are highly resistant to using GPS. A friend who works for a major telco was asked to explain to HR why according to his GPS app he had been driving at over 100mph? – and he explained that he wasn’t driving, but was actually travelling on a High Speed ‘HST 125’ train!”

There were also cases in which ‘off-duty’ staff were being GPS tracked by the employer – and were routinely asked to liaise with a nearby ‘on-duty’ colleague.

With over 17 years of experience, Lookout Call avoids the key issues that most lone workers can find worrying, such as GPS.