Comprehensive Management Reporting Functionality for System Administrators & Managers

Within Lookout Call managers have access to an administration zone with full reporting & management functionality.

It is accessed via an easy to use web portal, and once logged in managers can see a breakdown of current staff activity and make modifications to personalise the system to their needs.

The Lookout Call team are always on hand to answer questions and offer best practice advice for you and your remote working employees.

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The Lookout Call Reporting Suite Includes:


Live Activity Monitoring

  • See remote workers logged into to system and their current status
  • Listen to status messages left by your lone workers
  • Monitor details of live countdowns and ongoing alarms


System Administration Capabilities

  • Edit/ update lone worker details
  • Edit/ update emergency responder/ Alarm receiving Centre (ARC) details
  • Edit/ update lone worker alarm escalation settings


Statistical Reporting

  • Lookout Call security system usage statistics
  • Breakdown of emergency alarms and lone worker alerts
  • Details of remote workers registered on the system