Anglian Water has been using Lookout Call for its 1,700 field workers since 2000, and has now extended the use of the lone worker safety system with the introduction of a location-based feature that helps pinpoint the mobile phone of a lone worker to within a few meters.

The company was concerned that, given the 54,000 sq km covered by its field force, simply relying on voice descriptions from staff who could have had an accident may not be accurate enough to locate them in time to prevent an accident turning into something more serious.

Working with Lookout Call, the company has integrated an additional feature which can identify the location of a mobile phone by calculating its relative position to one or more base stations. This information is then plotted on a map which, if necessary, will give the emergency services the precise location of an injured worker.

Richard Luke, Telecoms Manager with Anglian Water says: “The greatest benefit of this new location-based system is that we can now find staff even if they have moved from their last recorded position. For example, if they move to help a colleague in a nearby location.

“This new system provides an extra level of lone worker protection and reassurance for our field staff. And it has been achieved at minimal cost and, with no extra infrastructure back at base.”