CEDA is an Exeter-based charity that provides support services to disabled people.

The charity was set up in 1988 by a group of parents who wanted positive futures for their adult children.

Thirteen years ago CEDA expanded and began working with children too. The charity prides itself on finding imaginative and creative ways to work with disabled people and help them to be independent.

CEDA runs an activity programme at the centre for service users that addresses learning needs and provides social opportunities too. It has recently extended the programme with community-based activities (including in service users’ homes) which prompted the charity to investigate lone worker safety solutions.

CEDA recognised that lone worker safety was an issue for staff delivering the programme. The charity initially tackled the problem by their asking staff to check in and out of visits with text messages from their personal phones. This system relied on staff remembering to send the messages and there was no provision for sending an alert in an emergency situation. The charity started looking into automated lone worker safety systems to enhance the personal safety of their outreach staff.

“We considered several similar options, all of which were recommended on the Suzy Lamplugh website. Being a mobile-based solution, Lookout Call looked the most user-friendly and cost-effective,” says Sarah Denny, Community Manager at CEDA.

“We were concerned about staff working unsupported with no means of appropriately raising an alarm. Lookout Call gives you the ability to raise an alarm in an emergency which is reassuring. It is also useful to be able to monitor usage on the web-based system.

“The team at Lookout Call have worked closely with us throughout the set-up and have been helpful and responsive throughout.”