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In the age of austerity many non-profit organisations are faced with the challenge of providing services to the community whilst managing overheads and not incurring extra costs.

Lookout Call has a strong track record in working with charitable organisations and is very popular in the not-for-profit sector, provide a cost-effective solution to remote working safety concerns, allowing your organisation to protect its staff within an ever tight budget.

Lookout Call is unobtrusive, and has proved popular with charity workers who appreciate the discrete protection in even the most sensitive situations.

Our system is compatible with any mobile phone and does not require an expensive dedicated device making it perfect for both salaried employees and volunteer staff.  It is easy to use and requires minimal training as workers can choose how to access Lookout Call from our 3 interface options.

Lookout Call within the charities Sector

  • Popular with charities sector
  • Provide unobtrusive safety net to potentially vulnerable workers
  • No need to purchase expensive devices; Lookout Call is compatible with any mobile device
  • Simple to use and does not require technical expertise
  • Demonstrates duty of care towards staff
  • Quick set up and registration process

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The system has saved us money in terms of time and resources, and the service we have received from the support team has been fantastic.

Womens Aid Integrated Services

We looked at other lone worker safety systems but Lookout Call offered the best combination of flexibility, functionality and cost, which is important to us as a charity. We are now confident that we are keeping our lone workers as safe as possible.


Lookout Call is excellent value for money and I was ready to place an order as soon as I had seen a demonstration.

Julian Support

The overall costs of using a system like this are minimal compared to the potential business costs of doing nothing. We received a great deal of support during the pilot period and any issues we had or have are dealt with very quickly.