Find out what our clients say about Lookout Call.



The Lookout Call system has been thought out very well, enabling our charity to ensure our lone worker's personal information is accessible in an emergency. The support team are always available to respond to any queries we might have on managing the system to better reflect the changes within our charity.


Thank you for your attention to detail, it's reassuring and really very much appreciated.  Excellent service.


We needed to offer support to lone working staff with a system that would operate out of hours. Lookout Call gives our staff peace of mind if they do find themselves in a lone working situation.

Orwell Housing

We needed an automated solution that would enhance the safety of our staff and give us the means to track their location in the event of an emergency. Lookout Call was a cost-effective and flexible solution that met all our requirements. Since implementing Lookout Call we have been externally audited on our approach to lone worker safety and received praise for our use of the system.

Womens Aid Integrated Services

We looked at other lone worker safety systems but Lookout Call offered the best combination of flexibility, functionality and cost, which is important to us as a charity. We are now confident that we are keeping our lone workers as safe as possible.

Bury St Edmunds Womens Aid Centre

By automating the check-in system we know that no staff member can ever be overlooked, which is very reassuring. The panic button feature also gives our staff confidence that they can discretely call for help should a situation get out of hand.

Granta Housing

There is no greater priority for us than the safety of our staff. We have looked at a number of systems over the last couple of years to enable us to reduce the risk and improve the safety of staff working with our customers.
This system enhances our current emergency procedures and provides more security for staff.

Crime Reduction Initiative

Lookout Call is very unobtrusive, which is really important for us, as our success depends on us building relationships and trust with our clients.

Julian Support

The overall costs of using a system like this are minimal compared to the potential business costs of doing nothing. We received a great deal of support during the pilot period and any issues we had or have are dealt with very quickly.

Canterbury City Council

Lookout Call also boosts staff confidence; they know there is a back up procedure in place should things go wrong.


Lookout Call is excellent value for money and I was ready to place an order as soon as I had seen a demonstration.


The system has saved us money in terms of time and resources, and the service we have received from the support team has been fantastic.