We are pleased to announce a new ‘Lookout call’ facility, which will be very useful for lone workers seeking advice or reassurance from their employer when working alone.

In addition to the Emergency Alarm and the Call Back service, the additional option will be called ‘Direct Call’.

Direct Call will be available [via a dedicated speed dial] whether or not a Timed Activity countdown is currently running. The system will then quickly connect the lone worker to whoever is listed as the workgroups current first choice Responder.

It is envisaged that the lone worker will normally use this facility in non-emergency situations, perhaps prior to beginning a task if there is doubt about how to proceed – or during a task if employer guidance is required.    

This new facility will encourage staff to be more risk conscious when working alone.

For details of how to incorporate Direct Call into your Lookout Call system, please contact us on 01223 427700 or via email to  sales@c3.co.uk