“So, you’ve splashed out on devices – but then find that staff aren’t using them. What do you do?”

This revealing comment opens a recent blog posted by a competitor – a large supplier of lone worker devices. It confirms the feedback we have been receiving this year from organisations which are disappointed by the failure of devices to gain acceptance by staff despite the best efforts of managers to encourage usage.

The blog goes on to highlight some common reasons for non-usage, including –

  • Staff don’t think devices are necessary
  • Staff don’t understand how to use them
  • Fear of false alarms [especially via ‘mandown’ sensors]
  • Mistrust of intrusive GPS tracking

After offering some sensible tips to help increase device usage, the blog concludes :-

“Perhaps…it may be time to re-assess if the solution you’ve chosen is truly the right one for your employees?”

This blog confirms what a concerned NHS manager told us earlier this year. The Trust had entered into a costly 3 year contract for 1,000 devices that few staff ever used.

Our recent lone worker survey produced similar findings, that lone worker devices which have no other useful purpose are widely unpopular.

So, why not consider a reliable mobile phone solution like ‘Lookout Call’?

Staff often dislike, lose, break or forget devices, but usually do remember to carry their mobile phone.

‘Lookout Call’ is simple-to-deploy, is amongst the cheapest in the market and it works via any type of phone.

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