When we speak to customers about Lookout Call, the first thing we ask is: how many lone workers do you have?

This may sound like an obvious question but the answer is often hard to determine. For a start, how do you define lone working?

Obviously staff working remotely in the comunity count – nurses, social workers, estate agents, etc. But what about staff that travel long distances regularly, or home-based employees?

Suddenly it gets more complicated, and often our customers say to us ‘well I can definitely name at least ten lone workers but, thinking about it, we could have as many as 100!’.

We always advise people to go away and consider how they define lone working, and how they want a lone working safety system to support that group. This gives them a better idea of the sort of lone working safety system them require, and what features they need to support their lone working workforce.

If you need more advice on lone working safety systems, please get in touch. We have been supplying Lookout Call to the lone worker UK market for over a decade and so have lots of expertise in this area.

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