Lookout Call has today released the latest version of its market-leading lone worker safety system, which now includes a GPS tracking application as an optional extra for smartphone users.

The Lookout Call system is available to smartphone users with a Google Latitude feature. This allows employers to view the location information of potentially vulnerable lone workers via Google Maps.

“Google Latitude is an optional add-on for those companies who want the reassurance of being able to quickly see exactly where their lone workers are during the working day,” said Brian Caddy, sales manager at Lookout Call. “The Lookout Call system asks employees to check in throughout the day with voice updates that detail their current location, and many businesses will see the GPS facility as a useful supporting feature to that.”

As Brian explains, the new Google Latitude add-on has been designed to complement the comprehensive Lookout Call safety system, which includes timed alarms, a panic button and a Watch Me feature. Employees must consent to using the program by adding their employer as a friend via the Google Latitude application, and all users can switch off the tracking device at any time.

If you would like to take a free trial of the Lookout Call safety system, currently used by over 18,000 workers across the UK, please contact Lookout Call now on 01223 427700.

Click here for more information about the Lookout Call iPhone app. 

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