Randstad Student Support currently works in partnership with over 85 universities and colleges across the UK, providing essential disability support to over 17,000 students.

This support includes access to the UK’s largest network of specialist staff who understand the education sector, as well as the needs of disabled students and their disability support teams.

This assistance can make a lasting difference to these students’ academic experience and employment prospects in the future

Randstad identified some of their specialist support staff as potential lone workers. To ensure their safety Randstad previously asked staff to call the office on leaving an appointment – however this was not always a practical option.

“It had limitations during out of office hours or if the lone worker couldn’t get to their phone to make a call,” says Stuart Heys, senior account specialist at Randstad. “We needed to offer support to lone working staff with a system that would operate out of hours.”

Lookout Call enables lone workers to call into the system and leave a message that explains where they are going, and who it is that they are meeting. They then set a timed countdown. If this countdown expires with no response from the lone worker then an alert is automatically escalated to a responder (call centre or colleagues).

It was this simple feature that appealed to Randstad.

“The system gives our staff peace of mind if they do find themselves in a lone working situation.”