Lookout Call is a lone worker safety system that is currently used by more than 18,000 lone working individuals throughout the UK.

Lookout Call provides automated lone working safety systems and emergency response solutions to a wide range of organisations including charities, housing associations & NHS services.

Organisations currently using Lookout Call include; Cambridge University, Parkinsons UK and Newcastle NHS Trust.

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The Benefits of Lookout Call


 For Workers
 For Employers
  • Lookout Call’s lone worker safety system is incredibly easy to learn & use
  • There is no need to remember any additional devices. Just check into into the Lookout Call system before an appointment
  • Improved safety for lone working individuals. Incidents are rare – but why take the risk? Lookout Call is a personal safety net that contacts and alarms your colleagues are contacted if something unexpected does happen
  • The friendly team at Lookout Call is always on hand to offer training and ongoing customer support
  • Lookout Call helps demonstrate a robust duty of care towards your staff
  • The mobile-based system is compatible with all mobile phones and all networks. This avoids investing in expensive custom-built devices or alarms.
  • Lookout Call is supplied as a managed service; with the infrastructure hosted and maintained at C3’s secure premises
  • Lookout Call is sold on a license-per-user basis. There are no hidden call charges or hefty  fees, ensuring value-for-money.

We have over 20 years’ experience in designing bespoke call and multimedia platforms for our customers and so can easily adapt the features of Lookout Call to suit each client’s lone worker security requirements.

Lookout Call is compatible with all Apple devices and is available to download free from the App Store and licenses start from as little as £2 per user per month.

Visit our case studies page to see how our existing customers benefit from working with Lookout Call.