Lookout Call’s lone worker safety system is available as a mobile application and is compatible with all Apple devices, you could be working anywhere and still be able to use the app, even if your device has been turned off, hasn’t got any signal or is damaged an alarm can still be raised.

This means that as a lone worker you can be confident that should something unexpected happen your nominated emergency contacts or an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) will be alerted.

When you need the Lookout Call lone working safety app to protect you just simply leave a voice message that details your activity and location, and then set a countdown timer. An alarm will be raised if your countdown timer expires, or you manually raise the alarm at any point.

Currently, this lone worker safety system is used by over 18,000 lone working individuals throughout the UK and in a wide range of organisations. In the form of an app, Lookout Call presents itself as a cost-effective personal safety solution as there is no need for any expensive dedicated alarms or devices.

Our smartphone application has proved popular with our customers and has been used in a range of ways, including as a panic alarm for elderly relatives, an emergency system for extreme sports fans and even for getting out of bad dates!

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Call Back
You can request a call back from Lookout Call at any point. If you fail to answer and enter your PIN, an urgent alarm will be raised immediately. This call back feature is useful if you are on a bad date that you want to get out of!
Intelligent Alarming
A false alarm check will be performed if your countdown timer simply expires. An urgent alarm is raised immediately if you personally raise an alarm, or fail to respond to a Call Back call.