Lookout Call SMS

Lookout Call SMS is a simple and cost-effective system that enables the tracking of lone workers via text message.

The system gives employers the flexibility to manage workers and their scheduling centrally, via a browser-based interface, and makes it easy for employees to control their own jobs remotely, simply by texting their start and finish times into Lookout Call.

How it works?

System administrators, as well as lone workers themselves, can add new jobs to Lookout Call SMS.

1.      System administrator

  • The system administrator sets up the lone worker and their job schedule on the secure browser-based interface (this schedule dictates the frequency that the lone worker receives automatic ‘status-check’ messages from Lookout Call).
  • Once the job is set up, Lookout Call will automatically text the job details to the lone worker.
  • Lookout Call then sends regular ‘status check’ SMS messages to the lone worker, at a frequency decided by the administrator.  The lone worker must reply to this message within the designated leeway time (also configurable by the administrator).
  • If the lone worker fails to respond to a text message then their risk status is escalated, in real-time, on the interface wallboard, while an alert message is simultaneously sent to that lone worker’s responder/s (via telephone, email or SMS).

2.      Lone Worker

  • Lone workers can also set up jobs themselves by texting ‘Start Job’, along with their location details, into Lookout Call.
  • The new job will automatically be logged with Lookout Call. This then triggers the automatic status-check messages.
  • To clear down the job, the lone worker simply sends in another key phrase: ‘Job Complete’.
  • Lookout Call’s ‘danger word’ feature enables lone workers to immediately raise an alert by sending in a specific keyword into the system, or leaving out an agreed keyword from their regular response message.

If you would like more information about Lookout Call SMS please get in touch.