Special Features

Lone worker protection with Lookout Call

Lookout Call is a mobile-based lone worker safety system. It is designed for companies that want to automate their lone worker protection procedures, without the high capital outlay typically associated with device-based systems. Lookout Call works on any mobile phone: your lone working staff simply call into the system, leave a message with their location details and then set a timed countdown. If this countdown expires with no response from the lone worker, then their location details are automatically escalated to a ‘nominated responder’ (colleague, manager or dedicated alarm receiving centre).

Lookout Call is owned and supported by C3, a well-established computer telephony provider. So if you’re looking for a bespoke lone worker safety system please get in touch. Otherwise, below you’ll find some of the special features currently available in the system.

  • GPS Tracking
    GPS tracking is available as an optional extra for smart phone users.
  • Watch Me/ Call Me
    Watch Me allows the lone worker to request the system calls them back shortly after an appointment has begun. This feature is frequently used in any situation when the lone worker feels apprehensive about entering a property, perhaps for the first time. The call gives the lone worker a reason to end the appointment immediately if they feel uncomfortable. Naturally, if the Watch Me call is unanswered by the lone worker, an alarm is raised and ‘Responders’ are alerted immediately.
  • Call recording
    During an emergency, the system makes a recording of the incident. Live recordings may be used by Responders to assess the situation and can also be used as evidence in court.
  • SMS broadcasting
    Lookout Call makes it easy for administrators to create and send preformed or on-the-fly text messages to their lone workers. Text messages can be sent to individuals or groups.
  • Instant location updates
    Some lone workers frequently change their location throughout the day. Lookout Call can be configured to receive multiple location updates throughout duration of the timed countdown.