Lookout Call Testimonials

CTR Guard 
“Before using Lookout Call we were tied to using basic check calls. This caused a vicious loop which we needed to break. Lookout Call allowed us to do this with its practical approach. We wanted a lone worker system that had proactive features and didn’t rely entirely on the lone worker as most devices do. Lookout Call is a simple system – but far more effective than others on the market.”

“We needed to make sure our staff were as safe as possible when out on visits. We needed a system that would track where each lone worker was, raise an alarm if they failed to return from a visit and also allow them to call for help if they needed it. We looked at other lone worker safety systems but Lookout Call offered the best combination of flexibility, functionality and cost, which is important to us as a charity. We are now confident that we are keeping our lone workers as safe as possible.”

“We needed a robust check-in and out system for our 50 front line staff who are working on their own – both out in the community and within our own services. The previous system we used relied on human operators to monitor appointment times, and escalate responses if required. Lookout Call is fully automated and removes the possibility of human error, which we know did occasionally happen before. We were also impressed with the cost, the flexibility of the licensing system, and the ability it gives us to check our usage reports live via the admin portal.”

Alzheimers Society 
“Lookout Call offers our staff a high level of personal safety protection at a very reasonable price. The system is flexible to use; adding or changing licenses via the admin side is very easy to do, and we also have the ability to access live usage reports as and when we need them.”

“We looked at a number of different lone worker safety systems. Lookout Call gave us the best possible coverage to ensure rigorous lone worker safety at a cost that was affordable to the organisation. We now have much more confidence in the safety of our workers. They know that, at the press of a button, they can get help if they find themselves in difficult circumstances.”

“We considered several similar options, all of which were recommended on the Suzy Lamplugh website. Being a mobile-based solution, Lookout Call looked the most user-friendly and cost-effective. The team at Lookout Call have worked closely with us throughout the set-up and have been helpful and responsive throughout.”

Launchpad Reading 
“Lookout Call has ticked all the right boxes, in terms of price, flexibility and support.”

Suffolk County Council 
“Our staff certainly feel safer with the new system.”

County Durham PCT
“We are very pleased with how Lookout Call works; we gave all our lone working staff a great deal of support and training during the implementation process. Lookout call gives them confidence, knowing that an alarm will be raised if an incident occurs.”

Royal Mencap Society 
“The safety and well being of our staff is important to us and we were really pleased that Lookout Call was able to provide an affordable option for us to enhance the safety of our lone workers.”

Julian Housing Association
“Lookout Call is a very cost effective solution for non-profit organisation like ours. The overall costs of using a system like this are minimal compared to the potential business costs of doing nothing. We received a great deal of support during the pilot period and any issues we had or have are dealt with very quickly.”

Cheltenham Borough Homes 
“After evaluating several lone worker schemes we decided to pilot Lookout Call. It is simple to use and integrates well into our existing incident reporting system.”

Anglian Water 
“The system has proved to be a perfect solution for our current needs, both in terms of ease of use and cost. We are particularly impressed by the fact that we can use our existing handsets without modification to access the system.”

“Our outreach team have to travel to some of London’s poorest suburbs so they were really pleased that our policy on lone working was revised. It is now compulsory for all outreach staff to use the system if they are visiting a client. Lookout Call is excellent value for money and I was ready to place an order as soon as I had seen a demonstration.”

Cambridge Cyrenians 
“We are a very small organisation and I was concerned we would not receive the same level of support from Lookout Call as larger organisations. However, has not been the case at all. If we have a query, someone from Lookout Call is always available to speak to us.”

Canterbury City Council
“Lookout Call boosts staff confidence; they know there is a back up procedure in place should things go wrong. Using Lookout Call encourages every lone worker to take their own personal safety more seriously.”

“The nature of outreach work means that our key workers are rarely in the same location for more than about fifteen minutes. Lookout Call provides them with a very easy and discrete way to tell us where they are. All they have to do is press a button on their phone and give a brief description of where they are and how long they think they are going to be. When they move on, they just press the button again to update the system. Lookout Call is very unobtrusive, which is really important for us; as our success depends on us building relationships and trust with our clients.”

“Our lone workers spend many hours at a time in very lonely locations and our primary concern is their safety. Lookout Call works perfectly on our existing mobile phones. Our staff log onto the system the start of the day and keep us updated of their movements, which path they have taken, where they have parked their car and so forth, simply by pressing a specific button on their phone, so if something happens to them, we can find them very quickly.”

The Centre for research in Social Policy based at Loughborough University 
“We use pool phones for our research teams and Lookout Call developers were able to modify the system to accommodate this set-up. When researchers are updating Lookout Call with their location details, they include their name and the car hire details in the message, along with other relevant information, so that if an alarm is raised we can identify and locate the researcher immediately and provide the necessary help and assistance.”