Lookout call is an inexpensive solution which enables small security companies to clearly demonstrate in tenders that their lone workers health and wellbeing is treated as a high priority.

Lookout call provides Security companies with 3 types of alarm to cover every likely scenario –

1.  Check in / check out

The system may be set to call the lone worker periodically throughout a shift, to ensure they are both safe and awake! An alarm is raised if the worker fails to acknowledge any check call.

2. Emergency

The lone worker may proactively raise an instant alarm at any time during the shift.

3.  Worker Overdue

At the end of the shift an alarm is raised if the lone worker fails to log off or confirm they are safe

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Ideal For:

  • Security/ Protection Officers
  • Manned Guarding/ Night Security
  • Warehouse Staff
  • Store Detectives

Why Lookout Call?

  • Cost effective solution with no expensive hardware
  • Suitable for in-house or outsourced staff
  • Hassle free usage
  • Excellent customer support