Personal safety is something that people tend to only think seriously about following an incident, or a ‘near miss’ event. But looking after yourself is important and there are a number of practical steps that you can take to ensure you remain safe when you are out and about on your own.

Stay alert – If you are wearing headphones or chatting on your mobile you will not hear trouble approaching.

Avoid danger spots – Stick to well lit and busy streets wherever possible. Take the safer route, even if it’s longer.

Plan ahead – Know where you’re going and the best way to get there. Wherever possible, avoid long waiting times as bus stops and stations by checking the arrival times before leaving home.

Listen to your instincts – If you feel threatened, head to a place where there are lots of people like a pub or shop.

Ensure you take the same precautions wherever you are – It’s important not to get complacent about your personal safety when close to home.

Invest in a personal safety alarm – There are a number of different personal safety alarms available on the market including the Lookout Call iPhone app safety app.

Next month the Suzy Lamplugh Trust is promoting National Personal Safety Day (8th October 2012) and these tips from their website may help you think a little more about your own approach to your own personal safety. A common sense approach and listening to your instincts will go a long way to keeping you safe.

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