In a recent survey we asked visitors to our website what they were looking for from a lone worker safety system.

Almost 65% of respondents said they were interested in a lone worker safety system that ran over a smart phone-based app.

Obviously this was an entirely unscientific set of results. Being a mobile based provider you would expect Lookout Call to attract visitors interested in running a lone worker safety solution over their mobile phone.

But these results do point to a wider trend that we are seeing at Lookout Call. That is, customers who have already tried a competitor’s lone worker safety system and – disenfranchised with the combination of high cost and low usage – are re-evaluating what they want from a system and what level of budget is appropriate.

For many of these companies, a simple smart phone app-based system makes complete sense, and offers a cost-effective means of protecting their lone workers.

The majority of us manage our lives over via our smart phones, why should lone worker safety be any different?

Lookout Call is a mobile-based lone worker safety system used by 18,000 lone workers across the UK. Click here to download our app FREE from the App store.


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