Customers often raise the issue of GPS tracking when they are thinking about purchasing a lone worker safety system. For some, it is imperative that the system enables them to precisely track and locate staff.

For others, the ability to track staff affects staff/union buy-in and therefore slows down implementation of the safety system.

Clearly the boundary between staff protection and staff tracking are, for some, becoming more blurred. But it is clear that GPS tracking is a divisive issue for lone worker safety systems.

The advantage of Lookout Call is that the system is flexible to meet your needs. Because the system is license-based, we can easily amend, remove or add software features to Lookout Call to suit each organisation, and their workforce.

We have standard features that you can choose from. For example, some customers choose to have our GPS tracking option ‘live’ for their smartphone users (using Google Latitude), while for others this feature is switched off as there is no demand for it.

But if you have a specific workforce requirement, we can work this into the system.

Lookout Call is designed to suit you. So if you had something very specific in mind speak to our team to see how we can incorporate it. And because it is license based, it offers incredible value-per-user.

Contact us now to find out more about the Lookout Call’s low-cost high value lone worker safety system.