Service providers face a unique risk management challenge in the form of responsibility for large fleet of engineers & maintenance teams deployed over a wide geographic area,

Lookout Call has served the Utilities sector for over 15 years, and we have incorporated extensive expert feedback into our product development.

The system provides engineers, maintenance staff and other mobile workers with personal protection and their employers with confidence that all staff are always accounted for.

Quick to use and requiring minimal training, Lookout Call utilises existing mobile phones, removing the need for expensive devices which are at risk of loss or theft. This makes it perfect for deployment with both in-house staff and external contractors.

The system is unobtrusive and ideal for maintenance teams & technical experts undertaking a range of tasks; including surveying, maintenance, meter readings & remote site visits.

Staff can choose how to access Lookout Call from our 3 interface options.

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Lookout call for the Utilities Sector


  • Developed in conjunction with leading UK utilities companies
  • Ideal for mobile staff undertaking remote site visits & infrastructure maintenance
  • No need to purchase expensive devices; Lookout Call is compatible with any mobile device
  • Simple to use and does not require technical expertise
  • Demonstrates duty of care towards all staff


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