Introducing Lookout Call with Voice Recognition

Gone are the days of lone worker systems using complex multiple speed dial numbers! The core of the Lookout Call system is now available via our new voice recognition interface, which makes the process of maintaining personal safety as quick and simple as possible.

Users can now simply contact the system via one number to access the full range of Lookout Call services by giving the system spoken commands.

When a lone worker phones the system, they are greeted by a friendly voice and asked to update their status. The lone worker may then leave a message describing their whereabouts, set a timed countdown, extend the countdown, update their location details or request a call back. They may also raise an instant emergency alarm or log off.

Everything is achieved via calling just ONE number.

The key benefit of this system is that because it is so easy to use, lone workers are happy to incorporate Lookout Call as part of their daily routine – and unlike ‘big brother’ GPS systems which remain largely dormant until an emergency arises, with this frequently used system staff are more conscious of the need to consider the degree of risk associated with their tasks.

Here is the latest feedback from a new customer;-

 “We’ve had great feedback from all the samplers using the new Lookout Call system, they’ve praised how easy it is to use and it makes their jobs a lot easier (and mine!)”

All you need to use Lookout Call is any mobile phone [or a landline] operating via any network. No devices, ID badges or apps are necessary.


Why not give the system a free-of-charge trial for a couple of weeks? You may well agree that Lookout Call is now the best mobile phone based system currently available – and at the most attractive price.  

To find out more or arrange a free trial Contact Our Team

How does Voice Recognition benefit my team?
  • Access Lookout Call functionality via a single speed-dial number
  • Simplify the process of personal protection
  • Friendly voice interface to guide callers
  • No technical know-how required. Users only need to be comfortable using a phone!
  • Full management reporting capabilities



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