We often hear about sad cases of staff who have been injured whilst working alone and of employers being fined heavily for Duty of Care failures.

Although the media often highlights the downside of lone working, there are great efficiencies to be made by deploying adequately protected lone workers.

Lone worker safety systems enable employers to organise their staff more effectively, allocating one person to a remotely located task rather than two. Enabling staff to work alone safely greatly boosts an organisations productivity. 

Introducing a system like ‘Lookout Call’ improves staff morale, shows an investment in safety and ensures that in an emergency no lone worker can ever be overlooked.

Lookout Call protects lone workers and their employers. It helps to demonstrate that Duty of Care is being taken very seriously and encourages staff to feel much better valued as employees.     

These days no vulnerable worker should be inadequately equipped to deal with the risks associated with lone working.

The benefits to both the employer and the worker are considerable.