When we hear the term ‘lone worker’ we often think of the staff members who are venturing off-site to fulfil their work obligations, such as electricians or social workers. We rarely realise that the term also applies to people who work in retail, as they often may work alone for certain periods.

The likelihood that retail workers will be exposed to social risks is relatively high. Social risks are defined as any risk to a worker that results from interaction with others whilst carrying out their duties. This can be on site, whilst travelling, when visiting a private residence or out in the public. The result of a social risk could be verbal abuse, aggression or even assault.

It’s so important that employers in all sectors, including retail, make sure their staff have the necessary tools, skills and training in order to keep themselves safe. Sadly, recent figures reported by the BRC reveal that this is not always the case. They show that abuse and violence towards retail staff has risen a massive 40% in the last year.

When employers fail to keep their staff safe it puts workers at risk of serious injury and could also result in potentially devastating financial penalties for the business owners. Research shows that last year alone, acts of crime cost the retail sector over £660m.

The employer has a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their workers and create plans to minimize risks. This applies to all organisations, regardless of size.

Companies that do not take the necessary measures to protect their lone workers are liable and can face many legal issues. This has the potential to damage their reputation and create millions of pounds in cost.

If you implement a proper lone worker safety program, you are protecting your company from liability and ensuring a safe working environment for your staff.

Some examples of lone workers in the retail sector are:

  • In-store retail staff
  • Warehouse staff
  • Delivery drivers
  • Distribution operators

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Organisations in the retail sector will benefit from having a productive approach to safety and investing in new ways to protect their staff. If you value the safety of your lone workers and would like to take steps to protect them, why not give us a call today to discuss how our innovative lone worker safety solutions could help you.

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