For 364 days of the year, Santa heads up a crack team of elves at his North Pole base. But on Christmas Eve, as he travels round the globe filling stockings and snacking on mince pies, he operates alone.

For 24 hours Father Christmas is a high risk lone worker and, with two weeks to go until Christmas Eve, Lookout Call has identified access (chimneys), transport (eight magical flying reindeer) and client relationship management (breaking and entering) as the three greatest risks to Santa’s lone worker safety…

So what are the options to mitigate the risk?

a) He’s been safe so far, why should Father Christmas worry? The chances of an incident are slim (unlike Father Christmas – ho ho ho).

b) Father Christmas could stay at home with Mrs Christmas and the elves, and let Rudolph have his moment in the spotlight delivering gifts to the world’s expectant children.

c) Father Christmas could buy a lone worker safety system, such as Lookout Call, and fly around the world as normal, knowing that if something were to go wrong Mrs Christmas would be alerted straight away.

Stay Safe Santa!!!

If you would like more information about our lone worker safety system Lookout Call or would like to organise a free trial, please get in touch.

Here are a few of our Lookout Call team preparing for the festivities.