As a lone worker safety specialist it’s natural that we focus on lone worker risk and how this risk can be mitigated with an automated lone worker safety system. But we understand that our customers are not looking at lone worker management in isolation; it is part of their broader risk management strategy that deals with all areas of the business.

A number of our clients are seeking accreditation for BHOHSAS 18001:2007 – a Standard that encourages this integrated overview of occupational health and safety (OH&S) management.

The Standard is designed to help organisations achieve and demonstrate OH&S performance. Certification follows independent verification that the organisation has a “functional, embedded management process” and is “demonstrably committed to continual improvement”. It was developed in response to customer demand for a recognisable OH&S Standard, against which business’ management system could be assessed and certified.

We understand that more and more companies are expected to be BHOHSAS 18001 accredited and it is frequently a requirement on new Tender Notices, particularly for organisations that specialise in construction, utilities or maintenance.

To achieve BHOHSAS 18001 you must comply with the legislation and demonstrate that you “go beyond” what is required.

Lookout Call’s lone worker safety system helps you to answer part of the Standard – Clause 4.3.1, which deals with Hazard Identification and Determining Controls.

UK solar energy firm Lightsource is currently in the process of gaining BHOHSAS 18001 accreditation and is using Lookout Call to demonstrate its commitment to lone worker risk management. Anglian Water, also accredited to BHOHSAS 18001, is another long term Lookout Call customer.

Competition for tenders is fierce and BHOHSAS 18001 is not so much a differentiator as the deciding factor as to who gets the business, in many instances.

However, it can take years to be in a position to seek external accreditation and is a case of getting all your ducks in a row first. Demonstrating genuine commitment to lone worker risk management with a robust safety system is just part of that.

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