The nights are drawing in, the electric blankets are going back on and the UK collectively prepares for a solid six months of moaning about the weather. Lovely.

Aside from the excellent Saturday night telly, winter can be a pretty bleak time in the UK and can really affect the way we interact with each other as the ‘winter blues’ descends. Typically, the accident rate shoots up in winter (what with it being dark at rush hour, combined with dire conditions on the road), often spiking by up to 15% directly after the clocks go back.

The safety of workers is a year-round concern but employees often feel more conscious of their personal safety – and perceived threats to it – during the winter months. For this reason, we often see an increase in the number of businesses contacting us to discuss lone worker safety systems, and how Lookout Call can help them protect their lone workers.

Lookout Call is currently offering a free trial of its lone worker safety system to all new clients. So, as part of your winter preparation, get in touch with us and see if Lookout Call is right for you. We can tailor the system to fit your exact needs, but every Lookout Call system features timed alarms, a panic button and ‘watch me’ facility. Smart phone users also can make use of the GPS tracking feature, and all business customers get FREE ACCESS to our Lookout Call iPhone app.

So – dust down those winter coats, dig out your ice boots and brace yourself for the best winter’s got to throw at us. Only 89 days until Christmas!