Some companies see investment in lone worker safety as a choice between personal safety training or a lone worker safety system.

Of course, personal safety training has its place; helping staff to manage their interactions with clients, teaching them how to avoid potentially aggressive situations, and ways to calm a situation once it has escalated.

However, when you speak to lone workers who have found themselves in difficulty, they nearly always say that they could not have anticipated the event, and there was little they could do personally to calm the situation.

This is why we believe that a lone worker safety system, such as Lookout Call, represents such a reliable investment in lone worker safety.

Your lone workers are able to trigger an alarm to receive assistance, whether by setting a timed countdown before an activity, or triggering the panic button on their mobile if they are faced with an emergency situation. They cannot be forgotten. Lookout Call can also compliment personal safety training because your staff are essentially carrying out a personal risk assessment every time they set a new timed countdown.

Each company has different requirements and the most important thing is recognising lone workers are at risk, and managing that with a robust system or solution that works for you.

Lookout Call is currently offering a free trial of its lone worker safety system – so why not contact us today and see if we can help you enhance the safety of your lone workers?