Today is National Personal Safety Day, an annual event organised by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, to raise awareness around the simple and practical precautions that people can take to keep themselves safe.

If you are researching lone worker safety systems, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust is an excellent (and objective) place to start. Their website includes a Device Directory with information on the various lone worker safety systems available, including Lookout Call. They also have practical tips, training guides and teaching resources.

The theme of this year’s National Personal Safety Day is ‘Tech No Chances’, and is highlighting the common sense precautions that people can take to ensure that technology “works for them, not against them”.

Lone worker safety systems, such as Lookout Call, should work in tandem with the “common sense approach” that the Trust advocates. But the technology is a safety net for when that approach hasn’t worked, and a situation is quickly escalating. With panic buttons, call backs, GPS tracking (optional) and timed countdowns, Lookout Call is the lone worker safety system that doesn’t forget your lone workers.

Visit for more information on this year’s National Personal Safety Day. If you would like more information on Lookout Call, or a free trial of the system, please contact us now.