Whilst some customers choose a BS8484 accredited call centre to monitor their Lookout Call alerts, many prefer to manage the system themselves with in house ‘responders’.

Using responders is a great way for businesses to manage the costs associated with lone worker safety because your company is the one responsible for receiving Lookout Call alerts, and ensuring that they are dealt with promptly.

We work with a number of charities who use responders, with the managing director or volunteer co-ordinator typically acting as first responder for their outreach employees and volunteers. Many larger organisations are moving away from an informal buddy or check-in system when they purchase Lookout Call, and so already know who in their organisation can be relied upon to receive alerts, and escalate if necessary – as a nominated responder.

The system is entirely flexible though; you may choose to start with a responder system and move onto a call centre as your business grows. Our expertise is in developing bespoke multi-channel communications solutions, so Lookout Call can be genuinely customised to suit your business requirements and enhance the safety of your lone workers.