Ceteris, one of Scotland’s leading property rental businesses has selected Lookout call to enhance the protection of its three lone working staff groups who help to deliver important client services.

Specialising in the commercial property rental business and located within central Scotland, Ceteris provides a diverse range of professional serviced offices and business units to a variety of clients throughout the region. The company needed a lone worker safety system to protect its various lone workers, who because of the isolated nature of the duties, were potentially at risk.

Why Lookout Call? As responsible employers, Ceteris realised that all three of its lone working groups (cleaners, business advisors and overnight staff) were potentially vulnerable. The business investigated various automated solutions available on the lone worker UK market before approaching Lookout Call.

“We chose Lookout Call due to the high level of customer service provided, along with their expertise and excellent provision of information,” explains Eva Gardiner, Property Operations Manager within Ceteris (Scotland) Ltd.

Ceteris has been using Lookout Call for over a year and Eva says that they are “delighted” both with the level of initial staff training provided and by the ease of operation of the system once in routine daily use.

“All our groups of lone working staff are pleased with the Lookout Call system and feel much safer knowing that assistance would come, if they found themselves in an emergency situation. They know that Ceteris takes their personal safety concerns seriously and find this highly reassuring.

“As for the Lookout Call team, they have been have been absolutely fantastic right from day one. They couldn’t have been more helpful and we would recommend Lookout Call to any other similar organisations searching for a lone worker safety system for their own workforce.”