Veolia Water, the UK’s largest provider of water and waste management services, is the latest environmental organisation to benefit from Lookout Call, the UK’s leading lone worker safety system. Lookout Call is currently being used to enhance lone worker protection on several MoD Contracts located on Salisbury Plain and in Aldershot Military Town and its training areas.

Lookout Call was chosen primarily because of its simplicity as Jim Griffiths, Services and Contracts Manager of Veolia Water explains: “Lookout Call is ideal for individuals finding themselves in the position of being in remote areas out of touch from their base or engaged on night duties. There is no need to log onto a computer or spend time creating complicated text messages. All our people have to do is phone the automated service and leave a voice mail message explaining where they are going and how long they will be. If the individual has not provided an update by their specified deadline, the system calls that person firstly before escalating the matter automatically to pre-nominated colleagues.”

“Lookout Call also offered the best value for money. So much so that all our staff, including myself, are registered to use it. Some of our staff work from home or are alone in our offices for periods of time and may also be classified as lone workers, so it made sense to put them on the system. When staff have to go to a site regardless of the time of day we know they have the ability to log into Lookout Call and that we are acting in accordance with our internal health and safety procedures.”

Lookout Call is used by network technicians and sub-contractors who are ‘on call’ and regularly need to go to sites in the middle of the night. Many of the reservoirs and maintenance areas are located in very isolated locations so it is important that they have a reliable safety system in place.