Government funded organisations, such as housing associations, NHS Trusts and some charities, are all under pressure to save significant sums of money across the board. So it is understandable that many are taking a second look at their lone worker safety system and reviewing the costs and benefits associated with it.

The staff and volunteers in these organisations are working with isolated and vulnerable individuals. An automated safety system is therefore essential to mitigate the risk to these workers.

However, here at Lookout Call we are challenging the belief that lone worker safety systems have to be expensive and beyond the reach of publicly-funded organisations – however much pressure they may be under to cut costs.

Many already have a system in place that has been underused and costly to run. These tend to be device-based systems where the alarm calls are directed to a call centre.

To those people we say: go back to basics. You want a simple system? You want staff to use it? You want to pay a fair amount for a good quality service? Then look again at a mobile based solution. Fed up with paying through the nose for an expensive call centre? Then choose staff internally to act as responders to escalated alerts.

Lone worker safety systems have increasingly become more complex over the years – and this enhanced functionality will work for some organisations. But many want simplicity and a cost-effective system that just… works and that their staff will use!

Lookout Call is a mobile-based lone worker safety system. Our license costs start from as little as £2 per month and we charge absolutely no set up fee. For this reason we are popular with charities, housing associations, NHS Trusts and small businesses.

Customers that want to switch often choose Lookout Call because we are entirely flexible in deployment. For example, we can replicate the key presses of existing systems to mitigate the cost of change (something we have done recently with Newcastle NHS Trust) or we can add additional features to meet specific business requirements (Anglian Water).

Our customers see the benefit in simplicity, quick deployment and easy management. Why not contact us for a free trial and see if you could benefit too?

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