Newcastle NHS Foundation Trust has chosen Lookout Call as its lone worker safety system provider.

Lookout Call’s mobile-based solution was selected over the Trust’s incumbent lone worker safety system.

The Trust has now signed a two-year contract with Lookout Call and purchased 600 licenses for its front line staff.

“Lookout Call provides us with a high quality lone worker safety system at an affordable cost per license,” said Tim White, Health and Safety Lead, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“The Lookout Call team has helped make the transition to their system as smooth as possible. Some of the mobile key presses have been adapted so they replicate the functionality of the previous system, and we have had several training sessions to ensure that our staff are confident in using Lookout Call.”

Lookout Call offers businesses a highly effective and cost-friendly lone worker safety system. Government funded organisations, such as housing associations, NHS Trusts and charities, are under particular pressure to find a lone worker safety system that delivers. If you are looking for better value from your automated lone worker safety system, please contact us now for a free trial of Lookout Call.