Lookout Call is launching an automated SMS system that will complement its existing mobile-based lone worker solution.

As with the original Lookout Call, the SMS version enables employers to manage lone workers and monitor their status via a secure web interface.

The system automatically texts lone workers, on a basis determined by the administrator, to remind them to update their job status, which they can do simply by replying to the message.

Should a lone worker not respond to one of these SMS messages, then their status will be escalated in real-time on the web portal, and a message will be simultaneously sent (via telephone, email or SMS) to their responder/s.

Lone workers can also set up jobs themselves by texting ‘Start Job’, along with their location details, into the system. The new job will be logged and the system will send the lone worker regular SMS messages, according to the standard job parameters set by the administrator. To clear down the job, the lone worker simply sends in another key phrase: ‘Job Complete’.

The ‘danger word’ feature also allows lone workers to immediately raise an alert by sending in a specific keyword into the system, or leaving out an agreed keyword from their response message.

“Organisations are looking for a simple lone worker safety system that offers high quality protection for minimum expenditure,” says Brian Caddy, sales manager Lookout Call. “Our existing solution ticks all those boxes. But in some instances an SMS application may be more appropriate for certain groups of lone workers.

“Extending Lookout Call to SMS broadens our appeal and gives our customers flexibility in application choice, knowing that they will still benefit from Lookout Call’s high levels of customer support.”

If you would like more information about Lookout Call SMS, please email brian@c3.co.uk or call 01223 427700.