There are so many options when it comes to protecting your lone workers and, for those organisations with a large number of lone working staff to oversee, it’s a struggle to find that one-size-fits all solution.

For instance, some of your lone workers may be smart phone users who would prefer a simple app that just runs in the background, while another group requires a more proactive solution that asks them to check in and out from appointments.

We are seeing an increase in the number of organisations going for a mixed deployment approach, in order to improve usage figures among staff. The idea being that if your lone workers are given the system they’re comfortable with then they’ll be more likely to use it. NHS Trusts, in particular, are going for this approach, as health and safety managers come under more pressure to demonstrate ROI for these investments.

Based on risk assessment of your lone worker groups, you may be considering a mixed deployment approach in your organisation.

Lookout Call supports two proactive solutions – both mobile based – SMS and call logging;  cost-effective lone worker solutions that are fast to implement and easy for all staff to understand. We have a number of customers who are using both solutions within one organisation following discussion with lone workers over their preferred system.

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