Addaction works with people affected by drugs and alcohol to reduce and end their dependencies. The charity manages over 120 treatment services across England and Scotland, and offers support to the friends and family of those affected by addiction.

Recovery for all service users is Addaction’s ultimate ambition. But the charity recognises that the path to this recovery requires a range of different interventions to meet individuals’ needs. In many cases, treatments are provided on a local level, with workers helping individuals and their families in their own homes.

Addaction Scotland is a growing service and, with increasing numbers of staff working alone within the community, the charity recognised that robust lone worker protection was required.

Why Lookout Call? The charity investigated a number of options to meet its Duty of Care towards its lone workers, including pairing staff for home visits, and using a ‘buddy’ check-in system. But, as Roseanne Mcluskie, Services Manager for Addaction Scotland explains: these methods were clearly prone to human error, and so offered lone workers insufficient protection.

Instead, Addaction Scotland started looking at lone worker safety systems and chose Lookout Call because the mobile-based safety system offered the best protection at the most attractive price.

“We looked at a number of different lone worker safety systems,” says Roseanne. “Lookout Call gave us the best possible coverage to ensure rigorous lone worker safety – at a cost that was affordable to the organisation.”

Addaction trialled Lookout Call at two of its services before rolling licenses out to all of its Scotland-based lone workers (100+ in total).

Addaction’s lone workers have reported that they find the Lookout Call safety system easy to use and feel “much safer” when working alone, according to Roseanne.

“We now have much more confidence in the safety of our workers,” she says.“They know that, at the press of a button, they can get help if they find themselves in difficult circumstances.

“We have been very impressed with Lookout Call. The system has saved us money in terms of time and resources, and the service we have received from the support team has been fantastic.”