The Alzheimer’s Society is a leading UK charity that supports people with dementia, their families and their carers. Through its network of local services, the charity assists over 30,000 people every week, providing both practical services and support.

Delivering this support often involves care staff working remotely. The Avon, Wiltshire & Gloucestershire locality of the Alzheimer’s Society recognised this potential risk and invested in Lookout Call to protect those lone workers.

Why Lookout Call? Lookout Call operates via a mobile licensing system. This makes it a consistently popular option for UK charities because their staff/ volunteers can be quickly trained in using the direct dial options, and there is no capital outlay for specialised devices.

“Lookout Call offers our lone workers a high level of personal protection at a very reasonable price,” explains Sarah Mings, Support Service Manager – Care, for the Avon, Wiltshire & Gloucestershire locality of the Alzheimer’s Society. “The system is flexible to use; adding or changing licenses via the admin side is very easy to do, and we also have the ability to access live usage reports as and when we need them.”

Sarah says that Lookout Call’s fully automated alarm system has replaced the informal check-in process that staff used to use – calling into the office once they had finished a visit.

“They can obviously still do that if they need to speak to their line manager,” explains Sarah. “But it’s much more reassuring to have Lookout Call as well, to avoid that potential for human error.”