CTR Guard is a leading security guard company that offers a range of advanced security services to all types of businesses.

The company, based in East Anglia, was formed in 2003 to ensure the highest professional services were available to the ever-increasing security sector. Since then the business has established its reputation and is particularly highly regarded for its CTR Static Guarding Service.

This service is tailored to meet individual business requirements but generally includes a certain level of access monitoring, barrier control and building lock down by CTR Guard’s dedicated and motivated security staff.

Some of CTR Guard’s officers are contracted to monitor buildings overnight – a potentially risky exercise and one that CTR Guard looked to mitigate when it implemented Lookout Call’s lone worker safety system.

“Before using Lookout Call we were tied to using basic check calls,” explains Adrian Kent, managing director CTR Guard. “This caused a vicious loop which we needed to break. Lookout Call allowed us to do this with its practical approach.”

Adrian says that CTR Guard looked at a number of lone worker safety systems, and eventually chose Lookout Call because the system was incredibly simple to operate and offered robust personal safety protection at an affordable price point.

“We wanted a lone worker system that had proactive features and didn’t rely entirely on the lone worker as most devices do. Lookout Call is a simple system – but far more effective than others on the market offering our security staff robust personal safety protection.”