The BS8484 Standard is an interesting piece of documentation. It sets out the argument for a ’gold standard’ lone worker safety solution, which relies on a purpose built device to ’guarantee a police response’. All BS8484 solutions are centred around a purpose built device, like an identity badge or a panic button, and all alarms through the system are monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre, accredited to BS5979.

All fantastic and worthy stuff. But for many businesses, far too complicated and expensive. There is no reason why lone worker safety should be out of the reach of these companies – but many have been taken in by the hype around BS8484 and believe that anything without this stamp is simply unfit for purpose.

But, when times are tough and every penny counts, why spend more than you have to on – what is, effectively – an insurance policy, when there are other options that offer the same high level of security at a fraction of the cost?

Lone worker safety is important. Avoiding the issue can be more expensive than tackling it head on and we would always encourage businesses to investigate all the options available to them, to ensure they get the best fit for their business. But for those companies discouraged by the investment suggested by some lone worker safety suppliers, there are other options available.

Mobile-based lone worker safety solutions, such as Lookout Call, offer a credible and cost-effective solution to the lone worker risk. At Lookout Call we only charge you for your monthly license fee which, depending on your number of lone workers, can be from as little as £2 per month. We can also set you up with a contact centre – although many of our clients use their own responders, again generating significant monthly savings.

Because our system is mobile-based we can also be very flexible in our deployment, adding in new features for client specifications, or adapting the solution slightly to meet a particular requirement.

Lone worker safety should be a priority for businesses. Investing in an automated lone worker safety system protects your staff and protects your business from expensive litigation. If you’re considering a solution but are discouraged by what you’ve seen so far, get in touch with us now for a free trial of Lookout Call.

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