Before switching to Lookout Call, many of our customers have relied on informal ’buddy’ systems or check/ in out logs. All have eventually dropped these processes and opted for Lookout Call, an automated and mobile-based lone worker safety system. Here are the five most common reasons why:

1. Complete peace of mind for the organisation
Unlike the informal systems that many companies use to keep tabs on staff, an automated lone worker safety system leaves absolutely nothing to chance – and, importantly, cannot be derailed by human error. Lookout Call is a simple mobile-based system that staff are comfortable using. Once a lone worker has left a voice message on the Lookout Call system that details their next appointment, any subsequent absence cannot be missed.

2. Gives staff confidence to carry out their work
We work with a lot of charities, many of which deal with vulnerable or risky individuals. Front line workers often attend one-to-one appointments with service users in their homes and these charities need a robust, but cost effective, means of overseeing these staff to ensure their safety. With its timed alarms, panic button and ’Watch Me’ facility (regular call backs at five minute intervals). Lookout Call makes staff feel safe and gives them the confidence to carry out this important front line work.

3. Avoid costly litigation in the event of an incident
No one expects a lone worker incident. However, forward thinking businesses see an investment in a lone worker safety solution as another business insurance, protecting them against the costly litigation that applies if it can be proved that a business took no precautionary measures to protect lone workers.

The Health and Safety Executive estimates the cost of a single physical assault to cost an organisation in excess of £20,000. Compare this to the cost of implementing an effective lone worker safety solution such as Lookout Call. Depending on the number of lone workers, Lookout Call costs from as little as £2 per user, per month. There are absolutely no set up fees and, because the solution is mobile based, no expensive hardware costs either.

4. Saves money!
Many of our clients have used other lone worker safety solutions and have switched to us when they realised that staff weren’t using the expensive devices and the contracts were costing the business a fortune. A mobile-based lone worker safety solution is effective. Your staff have their mobiles on them. They are confident using them. In short, they will actually use the lone worker safety solution you put on to their mobiles. So – better usage at a fraction of the price. That is surely the definition of a win-win scenario!

5. Free Trial
We know that we have the most cost-effective lone worker safety system on the market. We know that we have the friendliest support team. But why should you believe us? Well, why not try us out for size? We offer all customers a free trial of Lookout Call so they can see how they system works in their own business environment and compare us to other available systems. Get in touch now to arrange a free trial of Lookout Call.